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Conscious Gift Guide 2018


This year we felt the urge to create our own timeless gift guide. Even though we don’t want to support wasteful shopping we thought that it would still be more beneficial if we share our sustainable ideas for any occasion and without an expiry date.
We wanted to see it as an opportunity to encourage people to make more thoughtful choices and minimise waste.




 Å Journal commissions a different artist to contribute artworks for the cover of each issue. This edition comes from Caroline Walls (b. 1984), an Australian artist working across a number of mediums including painting, drawing, soft sculpture and printmaking. Walls creates work with a skilled and fluid approach to aesthetics, focusing on the female form as her central subject.

At Å Journal, we try to discover and apply our own definition of what does it mean to live more mindfully. We think that the crucial aspect is being more critical towards one’s daily choices, but we also try to be realistic. We aim to stimulate our audiences thinking process through discussing consciousness from different and often more comprehensible angles.

Why is it the most timeless idea to buy books as gifts?
Simply put books last forever, they’re educating people and can open up their minds to new ideas.
The wide ranging prices and topics make them the most universal gifts.
Finding a limited edition or small print run is also very unique and more personal.
However the choices are limitless, from bestsellers to Art books there is something for everyone.


Established in 2012 by Damien and Joi Hannigan. 31 Chapel Lane is a multidisciplinary design house and garment manufacturing company, headquartered in the Georgian centre of Limerick City on the west coast of Ireland.
Each design is rigorously developed and examined; each piece is tailored from finest Irish linen or pure wool, Donegal tweed, manufactured in-house with a focus on excellence and longevity.
We make special things for men and women who appreciate craftsmanship, natural materials, and prefer to own things for life.

Nothing brings the family together as well as a dinner table. Thus giving a sustainably made table cloth is a timeless investment that would make a whole bunch of people happy. We’ve recently discovered that an Irish linen brand 31 Chapel Lane sells a wide range of top quality heavy-linen table cloths in stunning earthy shades.


As our love for tea turned into a passion, we put a lot of work and heart into learning everything about it. In 2016, we decided to dedicate our time doing what we love and created Cocoon Tea Artisans.

There are many reason why we love tea. There are the endless aromas and flavors that we’ll never get tired of exploring. There are the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that the original tea plant Camellia Sinensis has to offer the body. And last but not least, there’s the calming effect on the mind. 

At Cocoon Tea Artisans we use only the best ingredients in order to make you, your body and your mind happy. That’s why all of our teas are organic and free from the very bad pesticides.

Our mission is to make it easier to bring organic quality tea into your daily routine. That’s why our teas are crafted in pyramid "silk" bags to avoid mess and protect our fine blends – just like a real cocoon.

The simple ritual of drinking tea is one many of us take for granted.
We often drink our teas in a rush and don’t think about the quality or benefits of it.
It’s a ritual that will enrich our lives, since it forces us to slow down and take time to enjoy a simple moment.
We highly recommend doing so more often and sharing it with others.
Thinking about buying organic teas that can have positive health benefits as some of them are full of antioxidants and heal the digestive system or detoxify the bodies.
Buying high quality tea as a gift is also a perfect idea which most people will appreciate.


For centuries, artisans in Japan’s Wakayama region have turned oak branches into Binchotan, a type of activated charcoal known for its purifying properties and its white hue, earning it the name “White Charcoal.”

Our infatuation with Binchotan began two decades ago, when we discovered the material while traveling through Japan. We’ve since embarked on a 100-year mission to spread its benefits to the world. That, combined with the “less is more” mantra of our Danish design, allows us to positively influence people through sensible, well-made products.

We start by sourcing the finest eco-friendly Binchotan, test it in accordance with the highest European standards, and turn it into purifying products for the air, water, and body. Over the last ten years, Sort of Coal has become an ever-evolving looking glass to life, nature and purity— as if the three were never distinct.

Activated charcoal is the ‘new’ trendy thing.
You’ve likely seen activated charcoal “wellness” drinks, beauty products, etc.
But its use as a detox and healing remedy has been used for thousands of years in traditional healing medicine.

Activated charcoal is known for its ability to bind to certain poisons, heavy metals, and other toxins and flush them from your body, making it a wonder substance for acute and general detoxification. It also carries a host of anti-aging and cardiovascular benefits.
And the list goes on…


Founded in Brooklyn, NY in 2017, Catzorange is a nonseasonal aesthetic project  in creation dedicated to the idea of quiet luxury.  

The  collections are inspired by traditional craftsmanship and thoughtful production. Each bag is made by hand in our Catzorange studio with an awareness of the material and the conscious desire to follow the shapes and forms that emerge. 


Since we want to support leather-free goods we wanted to highlights handbags.
We’re aware that it’s often difficult to go leather-free with shoes, especially if you live in a colder climate.
However, we think that as it comes to handbags it’s an unnecessary waste - or let’s put it in another way, you don’t need more than one quality leather bag for your whole lifetime so finding the most timeless one is crucial.
Our all-time favourite bags will always be non-leather alternatives such as; totes, net or wicker bags.
They’re all about functionality and understated elegance.
They bring a casual feel to any-type of clothing and they come in wide range of shapes and sizes.
They are also accessible as you can buy some at organic vegetable shops and other more sophisticated ones from vintage shops or designer brands.


Basically Better Made.
Consciously created. Designed to last.

Created in 2015, Organic Basics is a Copenhagen based clothing company that creates sustainable, better made basics. We think that the fashion industry is a real dirty bastard, but fortunately, there’s a better way of doing things. We put sustainability at the core of everything. That means better fabrics, practices, and longer lasting underwear, t-shirts and socks, but it also means continuously improving our standards, and remaining humble at the same time. It’s our mission to lead the way on sustainable, better made basics.

SilverTech 2.0 you’ll be able to wear even more, and wash even less. This collection is made from mechanically recycled nylon, seamlessly knitted for better comfort and durability, and treated with Polygiene® for odor control.

Closest layers to your skin - organic underwear & activewear

There is no other way to stay healthy than regularly keeping active and having a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals.
It shouldn’t be a new year’s resolution but rather an everyday commitment reflecting self-care and love.

Wearing organic fabrics closest to your skin - such as underwear or activewear -is equally important.
While sweating the pores of our skin open up so naturally we don’t want to expose it to any toxic chemicals, right?

Sustainable activewear and underwear are a great gift idea since you are consciously supporting better quality brands thus create less negative impact on the environment.


KENT is a radically natural collection of organic silk lingerie and loungewear basics designed and produced in Los Angeles. We create simple, strong pieces to delightfully start and end each day. For us, under-apparel is less about sex and more about style and self-love, that's why we use only the finest organic materials and craftsmanship to complement, rather than compete with, the female form. 


KENT collections are created with certified organic silks, organic and low impact dyes, and a fair and transparent supply chain. 

We are also committed to contributing to the new global narrative of femininity and creating meaningful opportunities for females around the world. Through our Female Future Project, we partner with progressive social enterprises and non-profits making game-changing impact for women and girls in emerging markets. With each KENT product, we fund a program in critical areas to empower female futures.


Kye Intimates is mindfully made underwear designed for everyday life. As these are the layers we keep closest, we strive to create timeless pieces that balance softness and functionality, romance and modernity. With neutral tones and a contemporary take on classic forms and shape, our pieces are meant to be a clean canvas for getting dressed. Each garment is designed and made in Los Angeles. We partner with a family-owned manufacturer that is 100% solar power dependent and sustainably minded.

Kye was launched in October 2017 by California native, Bonita Kye. Inspired by the natural beauty and history of the Golden Coast, she is so excited to share her vision of beautiful, mindfully made intimates for everyday living.


The Nude Label is an ethical underwear brand.
Born from a need of appealing yet comfy undies with a good fit and support for women’s everyday life.
An evocation to natural beauty throughout the use of soft materials for a second skin feeling.
Locally made in a family factory in Valencia, Spain, where we create and live.


Organic Skincare
We are big ambassadors of organic skincare and we feature our reviews of specific products in each printed issue of Å Journal.
We think that they make a great gift idea since they might encourage the person that receives it to continue using less artificial and harmful products. Skin is our largest organ after all and it’s important to consider what ingredients we are deciding on putting inside it.
We’ve listed few brands that we have recently tested out.
If you’re interested in learning about other brands please get in touch with us and we will be happy to advise you.


Guy Morgan is dedicated to using the finest quality natural, and organic ingredients, to provide effective skincare for all skin types. Guy's products are vegan and cruelty free.

His mission has always been to formulate skin care of the finest quality; investigating widely to source the purest grade organic and wild grown plant-based ingredients from the U.K. and Europe, with a proven record of efficiency and safety. These ingredients are certified organic by bodies such as The Soil Association, Eco Cert, and USDA.


In search of a deeper understanding of a natural, more holistic approach to living, Fran Miller spent two years developing and perfecting what came to be F. MILLER, a line of body care that prioritises minimalism and quality while remaining completely free of harmful elements. A timeless, refined and highly effective arsenal of essentials, each carefully blended and bottled by hand in small quantities.

Each unique blend is designed to heal, rejuvenate, restore, nourish and balance all skin types. It’s a simple approach to an almost always over-complicated concept – what goes on the body should be as pure as the body itself.
F. MILLER is entirely free of synthetic fragrances and colourings, harmful preservatives, sulphates, parabens, pthalates, PEG's and SLS's. All products are formulated from the finest organic, wildcrafted, nutrient-rich ingredients which are consciously sourced and cruelty-free.


KEWEKŌ natural skincare is committed to creating sustainable skin care of pure origin, enjoyed by women and men alike.
Cosmos Certified organic products are sourced from and tested by skincare professionals, in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

KEWEKŌ’S eco-friendly products come in thoughtfully designed packaging with minimal environmental impact.

The containers are made out of easily recyclable and reusable glass. Known for being sustainable and non-toxic, glass is made from sand and does not interact with ingredients, unlike plastic.
The brand also uses recyclable and biodegradable cardboards and papers made from natural materials as well as organic cotton bags.



A luxury, multi-use cleanser designed to be used by the whole household, Glasshouse Hair, Hand & Body Wash is an effective professional shampoo made with natural ingredients that is also a gentle hand and body wash. Specifically formulated with a pH balance to nourish the skin and hair equally, the formula is rich in Vitamin B5 and made with a 100% natural citrus and ginger scent for fresh skin, hair and hands.

In keeping with our environmental ethos, the product is also vegan, cruelty free and is made with non-GMO ingredients with a high percentage of natural and certified organic ingredients to minimise exposure to harmful substances.

Cost-effective, environmentally-conscious and high-performing, our goal is to eliminate the need for several products sitting on your bathroom shelf and replace them with one effective cleanser that everyone can use.


70’s CUPS


70’s coffee cups - Handmade in Poland.
My family has an over 100 years old tradition working as pottery makers - starting with my grand grand father.
It’s an example of a gift that can be kept for future generations and has an emotional and personal value.

As we have recently read pottery is the new yoga.
It’s in vogue to learn the art of pottery making or simply buy one for your household.
Even designers release their own lines of ceramics so it became a sort of a fashion accessory.
The recently booming ceramics markets provide us with wide ranging shapes and sizes made by makers from around the globe.
While thinking of gift ideas for your family or friends a beautiful cup or a plate is something to consider.




Vintage Japanese scarf.

Decorative scarfs.
This particular one can be used as a hanging wall piece, head scarf or even a kitchen towel.
It’s a lovely and simple gift idea.


London & Istanbul based contemporary jewelry line made out of natural stones and pearls.
For more information please check @jacquiniijewelry

Jewelry is one of the most common forms of gifts since it’s something that has a sentimental value and is considered as luxury.
Since the beginning of time jewelry has been a way of expressing how important someone is to you.
It’s the most timeless gift idea that can be given to anyone.
We have our recent favourite designer brands but this time we wanted to suggest a new discovery that is also more accessible for a wider range of audience.