Conscious Lifestyle, Style, Culture & Dialogue コンシャスライフスタイル、スタイル、カルチャー&ダイアローグ

Philosophy フィロソフィー

Our Story

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Atelier Å Journal is a multidisciplinary studio working with mindfully driven projects and creator of Å Journal limited edition books discussing Conscious Lifestyle, Style, Culture and Dialogue.

The project started in 2015 as a family-run venture; daughter working on the creative side, assisted by her father working as the publisher.
We wanted to use our existing know-how to take a holistic approach to the discipline of independent book publishing, and establish a studio working with consciously driven projects.

We have a genuine admiration for beautiful, yet mindfully made, tangible objects, one of them being autonomous print.
Handmade book manufacture is de facto not very common these days, and we aim to cherish this nearly extinct form of art and craft.
In our work we focus on supporting local businesses to produce a limited number of books. Our covers are crafted by several artisans and consequently hand stitched.

At Atelier Å Journal, we try to discover and apply our own definition of what does it mean to live more consciously. We think that the crucial aspect is being more critical towards one’s daily choices and businesses one wishes to support.
We aim to stimulate our audiences thinking process through discussing mindfulness from different and often more comprehensible angles.