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Å Journal 'The Travel of Scent' Issue

Å Journal 'The Travel of Scent' Issue


Å Journal ‘The Travel of Scent’ Issue
240 pages
31/21 cm
Language: English/French

‘The Travel of Scent’ is dedicated to the fleeting and enigmatic sense of smell.
Through photography and the written word, we examine scent and its prominence for different individuals. To name a few: We speak to Tomas Hempel; nose behind Stockholm based niche perfume brand Stora Skuggan and find out what smells make him feel at home. We ask Sophie Pearce; the London based design collector and founder of Béton Brut “What does modernism smell like?” And we have a private insight into a Kōdō ceremony photographed by Marta Rubio in Tokyo’s Gallery Okubo.

* Handcrafted book
* Cover artwork in collaboration with London-based artist Alexandria Coe

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