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'The Travel of Scent' Alexandria Coe x Å Journal

'The Travel of Scent' Alexandria Coe x Å Journal


‘The Travel of Scent’
Limited edition silkscreen print in collaboration with artist Alexandria Coe.

Height 60 cm
Width 80 cm

* Please note that the poster comes unframed

Alexandria Coe is an artist based in London. After completing a Masters at Central Saint Martins, she has been establishing herself with (mostly) a stick of charcoal and a pad of paper.

The main subject of her work is the female nude. She focuses upon the simplification of the human form, exploring the depth of expression that is possible with minimalist mark-making.
Her style is adapted to convey a neutral view of the female form via drawing. Always working in series, she creates collections of drawings that interact with each other to stimulate a feeling of sensuality and sexuality; exploring the subtle differences between what it is to be nude and to be naked.

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