Conscious Lifestyle, Style, Culture & Dialogue コンシャスライフスタイル、スタイル、カルチャー&ダイアローグ

Studio スタジオ

Atelier Å Journal is a multidisciplinary studio working with mindfully driven projects and creator of Å Journal limited edition books discussing Conscious Lifestyle, Style, Culture and Dialogue.

Services Include:
Art Direction, Brand Identity, Creative Direction, Concept Development, Events Curation, Independent Book Publishing, Production, Photography, Styling & Visual Identity



Recent Projects

Å Journal Vol. 3
Launch Event, 24th of September 2019.


Collaboration poster with artist Alexandria Coe


Å Journal ‘Solstice’ Issue


'Bigger Than Us'
Collaboration poster with artist Caroline Walls


‘Un Souffle d’une Minute’ short film

Atelier Å Journal has created a short film on the occasion of the COP24 - the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change happening between 3-14th of December 2018 in Katowice, Poland. Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP 14) and the Conference of Signatories to the Paris Agreement (CMA 1).
The short film titled ‘UN SOUFFLE D’UNE MINUTE’ (one minute breath) in an artistic manner highlights the pressing issue of the air pollution facing all of us. 


‘No Oceans, No Life’
Exhibition by Atelier Å Journal at
Ofr. Copenhagen


The world clearly has a plastic pollution problem and it’s rapidly growing – but so is public awareness and action. In close collaboration with the photographer Andree Martis, Å Journal has done exclusive series titled ”No Oceans, No Life”. In a harmonious combination of both aesthetics and ethics, this series artistically emphasize the growing issue told in an abstract narrative of a mermaid who comes out of the sea to spread this alerting message. The styling consists of carefully selected, mostly sustainable brands, and none of the images are retouched indicating a certain fragility, honesty and purity.


Å Journal ‘L’Esprit Nouveau’ Issue