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Å Journal 'Solstice' Issue

Å Journal 'Solstice' Issue


Å Journal ‘Solstice’ Issue
240 pages
270x 195x 20 mm

Å Journal commissions a different artist to contribute artworks for the cover of each issue. This edition comes from Caroline Walls (b. 1984), an Australian artist working across a number of mediums including painting, drawing, soft sculpture and printmaking. Walls creates work with a skilled and fluid approach to aesthetics, focusing on the female form as her central subject.

In the spirit of sustainability and reciprocity, this publication is typeset entirely in open source fonts, created through a participatory and not-for-profit design process. These typefaces are Free Sans Regular by the Free Software Foundation, Junicode Italic by Peter S. Baker and Tallys Regular by Jos Buivenga. Tallys Regular was modified in places by the publication’s designers Luke Gould and Joseph Pochodzaj, in order that less ink is used during the printing process.

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